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Our Sydney office is a specialist digital recruiter in the areas of Creative, Marketing, Sales and Technology. 

Shaun Barratt


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3 things I would take to a desert island are
Books, books and more books. My extended family as they are like my best friends. My phone to call for help (either to be rescued from the family or to get more books).
If I were mayor for the day I would change these 3 things about my city
Whilst I’ve been living in Melbourne for 10+ years I still see Auckland as my home city so I would;
1) make community work compulsory. I know this sounds PC but I feel like we need to get back to giving time and not just funds to our community.
2) A light rail or tram transport system that goes across the city.
3) Relocated the Exhibition centre in Greenlane into the city like Jeff’s Shed in Melbourne.
A random fact about me is
Wow putting this out there means I need to now get into gear! I have starting writing my own book based on events that have happened over the years at my families Christmas days. I’m not sure if it will be a thriller, drama or biography but I’m worried my family disown me so may have to change the characters names .
I have a dream that
I could slow time down. Everything is just so fast now especially the weekends. I would slow down time over the weekend making it 50% slower 
I’ve never understood why
We have not been able to make chocolate and spearmint leaves lollies good for you (and throw in Smiths crinkle cut chips). I’ve also wondered why I never became an All Black. I’m sure it’s not lack of dedication and commitment.

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