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Our Sydney office is a specialist digital recruiter in the areas of Creative, Marketing, Sales and Technology. 

Jacqui Barratt


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+65 6336 7444

In the kitchen I am
A hazard but I love being there! I love food, love cooking however it’s all go once I am in there, not the hottest home baker but certainly tasty!
If I were mayor for the day I would change these 3 things
I would pay higher salaries to the councillors to ensure we attract the right people to drive the necessary change! Then with the right talent on board we would look to attract investment and create Auckland as the events hub of the country to give Aucklanders something to be proud of and compete on the world stage. Last but not least faster resource consent – get things cranking, a robust process can be speedy!
My slogan for life is
One I stole from Winston Churchill – Never Never Never Give Up! It has always stuck with me and one I think I live it pretty well, possibly too well!
If I had a superpower it would be
To have Harry Potters invisible cloak and be everywhere and nowhere and if I couldn’t have that one can I be “I Dream of Jeannie” and grant wishes but perhaps not live in a bottle!
I’ve never understood why
My hair never looks the same as when the hairdresser does it and I leave the salon. 

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