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Brian White

Principal Consultant - Creative

Email me
+64 9 869 2576

I bring over 20 years experience in the creative industry and a real passion for helping people realise their dream jobs and help companies secure the best talent. 

My creative journey started in animation where I worked as an animator, then moving onto the tertiary sector leading a team of tutors. I then moved in to career mentoring, job placement and facilitating workshops for clients from a wide range of creative backgrounds, mainly in graphic design, animation, and the digital space. 

Favourite cafe to hang out in is
You spelt 'pub' wrong!

A random fact about me is
I brew my own craft beer and once arranged our wall of DVD's/ Blu-ray's alphabetically (by director).

My slogan for life is
"Have a good time, all the time!"

I would be lost without
Apart from family? (awww) ... my guitars/ amps.. and more recently, mountain bike!

I'm currently reading
I devour rock and roll bios and military history voraciously.

Song I would sing at a karaoke bar is
'Sweet Child O' Mine' - Guns N' Roses (featuring me on lead air guitar) and close the set with 'Born to Run' - Bruce Springsteen *then drop the mic*

TV show I love to binge watch is
I'll let you know once I've clocked Netflix! (current status: 0.7% watched)

The movie I can quote the most is
If you mean apart from Star Wars - then Scarface, Dirty Harry, or anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger! (I do impressions too)

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