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Duncan Wylie

Senior Principal Consultant

Email me
+64 9 968 8471

Favourite app at the moment (It helped me find a place to live!)

Favourite café to hang out in is
I wouldn’t say I hang out there but Roost is the only Café I know about at the mo.

My slogan for life is
“You don’t stop dancing because you get old, you get old because you stop dancing”

A random fact about me is
I’m a published poet.

I'm currently reading
Shantaram (for the second time) so I can read the sequel, The Mountain Shadow.

Song I would sing at a karaoke bar is 
Little L by Jamiroquai.

Fad I would love to bring back is
Space Hopper (but in my size 3XL)

Emoji I use the most is

The creative website I'm always checking up on is
Mainly Behance

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