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Oxana Metz


Email me
+64 9 968 8472

My Universe is…
Senior Technology Leaders, Project delivery and strategy.

The song I would sing at a karaoke bar is…
I don’t get to sing karaoke often but I do have several favourite songs. I would probably sing “Hold my hand” by Michael Jackson as I find this song very simple, but powerful.

If I wasn’t a recruiter I would…
I enjoyed the time when I was a professional modern dancer being a part of a wonderful dance group.

My guilty pleasure is…
Sweets and chocolate.

The movie I can quote the most is …
Probably the Matrix. One of the most memorable moments for me is when Neo is choosing between the blue or red pill to end the story or stay in Wonderland.

Fun fact about me…
I am a Russian girl married to a French man and in love with New Zealand. I am a big fan of horse riding and wind-surfing. I am generally very active and sporty person passing my holidays and free time hiking, climbing, swimming, running, dancing, skiing.

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